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1. Originally established 4.20.2009 in Atlanta, as a play on words + short for female from the ATL

2. We share fresh topics on beauty, style, and the female mindset to promote self confidence and the power of feminine energy. 

3. Our core values are empowerment, boldness, humor, diversity, originality, and girl code. 


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She is a fierce woman with '85 vibes + a modern mindset who enjoys a bold lash and lip combo paired with affordable trends in fashion. She is a proud mom, ATLien, and explorer of the culture. You might get sage + crystals, you might get trap music, and you will most definitely catch optimism and encouragement to live freely in your own light. She passionately shares her perspectives on inner and outer beauty on femfATL, and runs a brand consulting + management agency called Arc + Scale. On 2.14.19, she authored her first book Feel in the Blanks and also released exclusive merch.


Makeup + Image Consulting // With Makeup Artistry experience and a passion for fashion, Brittany Nicole has provided a range of beauty services for bridal, special events, and makeup lessons. Her makeup style is on trend and beautiful in real life and on camera.


Sponsored Content // Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness fits our interests but we're open to other Lifestyle products... and food. lol If your brand is interested in having featured content on the femfATL website and/or social media channels, we'd love to hear about your brand. 

Gifting Opportunities // Who doesn't love gifts?  We are extremely thankful for any companies that reach out to share their products and events with femfATL.  Keep the gifts coming.  If we like your products and they fit within the scope of our brand, your initial promo is our way of thanking you.

Event Hosting // When femfATL originated in 2009, we enjoyed event hosting, promoting, and co-creating events.  Today, we are interested in speaking appearances where we can contribute as entrepreneurial women with a focus on feminine energy, professional development, motherhood, beauty and fashion.